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400W LEDstraler

400 watt superpower LED schijnwerper /  lichtmast armatuur / gevelspot. ​Vervangt tot 3500 watt lamp

LEDlampen voor LANTAARNPALEN en LICHTMASTEN: terugverdientijd in 1 tot 2 jaar!

Toepassing buitenlamp verlichting: bewaking van voetbal veld, sportveld, hockeyveld, industrieterein, tennisbaan, manege, kerken, gebouwen enz.



4 X100W high power LED schijnwerper

Power  400W

Volt AC100-265V 50-60Hz

Rendement >92%

LED Working Voltage DC30-36V

LED Driving Current DC320mA

Luminous Flux (lichtstroom)35000-36000Lm

Kleur temperatuur  4000 Kelvin

Color Render Index Ra≥75

LED Luminous Efficiency 85-95lm/W

Detection Distance 5-65m(<22°)

Verlichtingshoek 120°/60°

Werk temperatuur (℃) - 30℃ to 50℃

Vochtigheid 10-90%RH

LED : verwachte levensduur 50,000H

Behuizing Aluminum

Waterdichtheid IP65

Maat L920*W285*H130mm

gewicht 23.5Kg

Van € 1395,00

Nu voor €  150,00 incl. btw


300x300mm RGB Kleuren Paneel met afstandsbediening


1. Simple, stylish, ultra-thin, ultra-bright, optical uniformity, energy saving, environmental protection, no dark areas;

2. New LED backlight design, with aluminum frame heat dissipation;

3. Long life,life of more than 50,000 hrs,significant savings in the traditional lighting replacement and maintenance costs;

4. Light guide panel is using high quality materials, high-quality espansion film, so that the light is gentler, even to protect the health of the human eye;

5. Imported high quality LED chip, integration, high Cree, no color and spot, 120 degrees beam angle ;

6. External high-quality LED drive power,PWM dimmable current consant power supply, working voltage: 85 to 260V AC, more stable performance;

7. The lighting design is elegant,luxurious atmosphere, with both good lighting effects,but also brings good feeling,the chandelier lights can be served as ceiling lamp but also as panel lamp, size can also be made according to customer demand for indoor lighting to achieve the best results,

8. Anti-radio interference, in line with RoHS requirements, lead-free, green,

9. Production of aluminum alloy frame, recyclable 


1. Commercial lighting

2. Office lighting

3. Warehouse lighting

4. Supermarket lighting

5. Hotels lighting

6. Homes lighting

7. Hospitals lighting

8. Classrooms lighting

9. Conference rooms lighting

10. Other indoor lighting places


1. Energy saving: replace general halogen light directly, saving more than 80% energy.

2.  Environmentally friendly: no heat, UV or infrared in the beam; no mercury.

3. Excellent performance

--High brightness, high luminous efficiency, high color rendering index and lower light decay

Lenses of high light transmission

--Good heat dissipation techniques.

4. Long life span: more than 50000 hrs, 25 times more than normal energy saving lamps       

5. CE& ROHS approval

Van € 75,00

Nu voor €  35,00 incl. btw


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